Sex Bucket List

  1. Host a sex toy party
  2. Star in a porn movie
  3. Direct a parody porn movie
  4. Find someone with a foot fetish; explore that realm of intimacy
  5. Experience every type of orgasm there is to have within the boundaries of your biological sex
  6. Turn your home office space into a sex dungeon
  7. Have sex with a virgin
  8. Volunteer in a sex study
  9. Hire a dominatrix in Amsterdam’s Red Light District
  10. Explore both submissive and dominant sides of yourself
  11. Experiment with electroshock toys
  12. Have sex in a haunted house with one of the actors while the haunt is active
  13. Have sex while tripping on mushrooms
  14. Take a new friend to the Desire Resort in Mexico & get to know each other better
  15.  Use Halloween makeup with your intimate partner to paint each other’s faces/bodies to put a twist on roleplay
  16.  Spend time in the VIP room with your favorite strip club dancer
  17. Create a character (with a wig, masks, makeup, costumes, etc.) and start a profile on an adult video chat website for a few extra bucks
  18. Share a “sex on the beach” with someone before having sex on the beach with them
  19. Eat candy out of a large breasted woman’s cleavage without using your hands
  20. Use your intimate partner’s genitals as the plating for an ice cream sundae (or frozen yogurt) and dig in!
  21. Have sex in an abandoned building
  22. Buy a genital molding kit; make molds for an intimate partner
  23. Have sex in front of an audience
  24. Watch porn on a big screen TV
  25. Blasphemous roleplay with intricate makeup/special effects to look like demons, angels
  26. Take turns with your intimate partner creating erotic photo shoots of each other
  27. Join a couple for a threesome
  28. Have 24 hour Dom/sub roleplay with intimate partner

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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