Food Bucket List

  1. Eat a deep fried mars bar
  2. Make home-made ice cream
  3. Try red gum honey
  4. Eat at Hooters
  5. Eat at a Din Tai Fung Restaurant
  6. Drink champagne in champagne, France
  7. Try escargot
  8. Try frogs legs
  9. Eat a Krispy Kreme right off the conveyor
  10. Eat kangaroo meat
  11. Drink absinthe
  12. Be given an edible flower arrangement
  13. Eat eggs benedict
  14. Eat Indian food in India
  15. Drink coconut milk straight from a coconut
  16. Make s’mores
  17. Eat deep fried ice cream
  18. Make homemade pad Thai
  19. Eat fresh eggs that I gather from a chicken coop
  20. Eat a snow cone
  21. Eat lobster
  22. Roast marshmallows over a campfire
  23. Eat an insect
  24. Try limoncello
  25. Eat sushi in Japan
  26. Try caviar
  27. Eat pizza in New York City
  28. Try macaroons
  29. Try calamari
  30. Eat a Maori hangi feast
  31. Try yum Cha
  32. Eat xiaolongbao (soup dumplings)
  33. Eat pastries in Paris
  34. Go to the supermarket and buy one weird thing you have never eaten before
  35. Eat a kitchen sink ice cream
  36. Eat a hotdog from a stand in New York
  37. Eat a strange part of an animal
  38. Try Nutella
  39. Drink shots from test tubesMake apple butter
  40. Grow fresh herbs & spices in the kitchen
  41. Try fried insects in Asia
  42. Invent a new sauce
  43. Make ice cream from snow
  44. Make gummy snacks from real fruit
  45. Can beef and vegetable stew
  46. Try pizza from a South Korean Pizza Hut
  47. Invent a new flavor of coffee creamer
  48. Make a personal combination of herbs for your own teabags
  49. Try a soda float with frozen yogurt
  50. Make a smoothie using your favorite cereal
  51. Learn how to cook with garbanzo beans
  52. Try different types of sushi
  53. Learn how to cut and eat a pomegranate
  54. Try Escargot
  55. Try French Press coffee
  56. Eat “live” octopus in Japan
  57. Make THC lollipops
  58. Make a tropical jungle juice recipe
  59. Try kangaroo meat
  60. Make Mexican inspired corn-on-the-cob
  61. Learn to make curries
  62. Crash a backyard BBQ
  63. Find a tasty way to incorporate fruit as a hot dog topping
  64. Try mahjoun in Tangier
  65. Feed leftovers to stray animals
  66. Try placenta
  67. Try bone barrow
  68. Bake your own loaf of bread
  69. Challenge an Irishman (or woman) to a drinking contest
  70. Visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam
  71. Eat seafood in Maine
  72. Eat haggis in Scotland

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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