Creativity Bucket List

  1. Make your own pinata
  2. Invent a new multitool for mechanics
  3. Build a sex bench
  4. Blow your own glass pipe
  5. Make your own gravity bong
  6. Build and program a robot
  7. Write a rap song
  8. Invent an intimate lubricate using coconut oil
  9. Make an oddsized picture frame
  10. Design a drought resistant yard
  11. Turn collectible stickers into magnets
  12. Host a beauty pageant for the elderly
  13. Invent a new app for a smartphone
  14. Invent a children’s toy
  15. Make homemade cleaning products
  16. Make homemade beauty products
  17. Design your own sheet of acid
  18. Be a nude model for a Nyotaimori dinner
  19. Direct a documentary
  20. Convincingly Photoshop yourself into a photo from a big event
  21. Get a caricature done of yourself
  22. Invent a board game
  23. Start an online blog and maintain it
  24. Attend a community center pottery class
  25. Start a line of calendars
  26. Build a treasure chest
  27. Direct a play
  28. See an art exhibit
  29. Create your own comic book
  30. Do an abstract photo shoot
  31. Make a deer antler chandelier
  32. Be a nude model for an art class
  33. Purge your closet/dressers & turn old clothes into new items (clothes or otherwise)
  34. Recycle old candle wax and jars
  35. Turn an empty bottle of your favorite liquor into a lamp
  36. Create “collage people” using photo scraps of interesting strangers
  37. Create a selfportrait. If you drink and/or use drugs regularly, create selfportraits while under the influence to compare
  38. Spend an afternoon in the mountains, desert, etc. Collect & dry/press flora to create a memoir illustrating the summary of your introspective thoughts of the day
  39. Go to a local Paint & Sip event
  40. Leave a personal addition to preexisting bathroom stall graffiti
  41. Make blankets for charity from old clothes and other scrap cloth
  42. Paint a picture on an abandoned building
  43. Use nearly expired fruit from the fridge to make a DIY “edible arrangement” to keep it from getting thrown out
  44. Build a multilevel jewelry box
  45. Read poetry at an outoftown open mic
  46. Craft a cabinet
  47. Turn a tree stump into yard art
  48. Infuse tequila with chorizo and bacon
  49. Infuse vodka with candy and fruit
  50. Illustrate a children’s book
  51. Weave a hammock
  52. Tan a hide then turn it into a coat, vest, or bag
  53. Refurbish an old chair or stool
  54. Turn dream journal entries into scifi, horror short stories
  55. Use scrap transmission gears to build a mechanical clock
  56. Memorize a favorite poem

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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