Romance Bucket List

  1. Pick out a dancer (or two) with your intimate partner to share in the VIP room
  2. Get someone’s number at a bar/club using more body language than conversation
  3. Try speed dating
  4. Kiss someone while skydiving
  5. Use suggestive DIY “edible arrangements” to seduce your intimate partner
  6. Take a bath with your intimate partner in a tub of wine
  7. Take body shots off someone else
  8. Let a person (or people) do body shots off of you
  9. Crash a wedding
  10. Give single people black roses on Valentine’s Day
  11. Go on a clothing optional, adults only cruise
  12. Flirt with a stranger in passing only to boost their self esteem

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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