Bucket List: Achievement

  1. Gain dual citizenship in Canada
  2. Read all of Plato’s books
  3. Star in an infomercial
  4. Climb Mt. Everest
  5. Guest star in a tv show
  6. Be a midwife/assist delivering a baby
  7. Sing the National Anthem at a sports event
  8. Become first female president
  9. Earn a TEFL certificate
  10. Earn a certificate from a vocational school for something practical
  11. Star in a movie
  12. Get a full ride scholarship to college (undergrad or grad)
  13. Earn a Master’s Degree
  14. Earn a PhD
  15. Buy a house
  16. Open a golf course
  17. Start a small business
  18. Tell a kid the truth about Santa Claus, tooth fairy, etc.
  19. Star in a Japanese commercial
  20. Graduate from massage therapy school
  21. Live by yourself for at least 1 year
  22. Sign the Yellow house in the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, MI
  23. Convince a stranger they know you
  24. Go one full week without meat
  25. Own the smallest amount of possessions necessary
  26. Win prize from a crane machine and then give it to a random kid
  27. Graduate college
  28. Avoid marriage altogether or at least until you are satisfied with individual experiences and accomplishments
  29. Meet a celebrity
  30. Successfully haggle with a street vendor in South Asia
  31. Go a full week without television
  32. Prevent a suicide
  33. Be someone’s best man/maid of honor
  34. Open a bar in Costa Rica
  35. Appear on national television for at least 10 minutes
  36. Get an article published in a journal
  37. Volunteer in a “polar plunge”
  38. Officiate a wedding
  39. Become a godparent
  40. Read an entire book series

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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