A Bucket List Just for Fun

  1. Make a mechanical engineer work on a car they designed
  2. Buy a friend a sex toy gift basket for their birthday
  3. Smoke a menthol cigarette in the brisk winter air
  4. Ride a donkey up a mountain trail with Juan Valdez
  5. Host a séance
  6. Get beads at Mardi gras
  7. See what being water boarded feels like
  8. Get a cool scar
  9. Smoke a bidi cigarette from India
  10. Facilitate the surprise meeting of a military parent and their family
  11. Take part in an experimental testing of a new medicine or medical procedure
  12. Read someone’s tarot cards
  13. Actually slip on a banana peel
  14. Avoid “baby talking” children; talk to them like adults
  15. Send someone a telegram
  16. Call someone a jive turkey
  17. Leave notes with nice compliments in random places for strangers to find
  18. Marry yourself
  19. Have a psychic reading done
  20. Buy a porn magazine from a magazine vending machine
  21. Buy used panties from a vending machine in Japan
  22. Be an Elvis or Prince impersonator for a weekend
  23. Drive cross country
  24. Name your flask
  25. Try an oxygen bar in Las Vegas
  26. Receive acupuncture
  27. Be a workaway host
  28. Convince your dentist to give you a dose of nitrous gas at a regular check up
  29. Meet Anthony Bourdain and buy him a drink
  30. Mail an envelope of glitter to the worst boss you’ve ever had
  31. Convince people you are a time traveler from the past; act confused by everything
  32. Found an official holiday
  33. Learn the language that Leeloo speaks in “The Fifth Element”
  34. Leave a convincing treasure map in your romantic interest’s mailbox that leads to your bedroom
  35. Buy a private island, make yourself a king/queen
  36. Carry Danny Devito on your shoulders like a drunk woman at a Kid Rock concert
  37. Make waterbeds popular again
  38. Stay in a seedy motel for a weekend
  39. Buy out all the tickets to a concert then don’t show up
  40. Drink expensive champagne in a hot tub in the back of a limo
  41. Meet a Columbian drug lord
  42. Get a blood transfusion to legally, biologically become a part of the English royal family
  43. Be cryogenically frozen
  44. Become a real life superhero
  45. Go to a restaurant, pretend you have been stood up to get your meal for free
  46. Jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle
  47. Read someone else’s palms
  48. Be followed on Twitter by at least 5 celebrities
  49. Eat at a Nyotaimori dinner
  50. Continually & invalidly reference Star Trek as if it were Star Wars while talking to an avid Star Wars fan
  51. Collect antique iron cast skillets
  52. Buy a bar globe
  53. Go one day without complaining about anything
  54. Photobomb a stranger’s selfie with a surprise kiss on the cheek
  55. Slightly rearrange your neighbors’ yard decorations every night; see how long it takes them to notice
  56. Offer a cop free donuts
  57. Crash a fraternity/sorority party, convince them you are a long-lost alumni
  58. Call into the Washington Journal with substantial insight
  59. Slow dance with a stranger
  60. Go 24 days without bathing; preserve pheromones in a vial & market vial samples to perfumers
  61. Buy someone else a gift on your birthday
  62. Reset all the clocks at a formal house party to different times
  63. Make the “garlic powder challenge” more popular than the “cinnamon challenge”
  64. Receive a professional enema

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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