Career Bucket List

  1. Get hired as a clown at a kid’s birthday party
  2. Get hired to be a mall elf during the holidays
  3. Become a travel journalist
  4. Own a gold mine
  5. Help to close the gender wage gap
  6. Be a substitute teacher for a year
  7. Work on a shrimp boat
  8. Hire a career coach
  9. Get paid to review products
  10. Teach English in South Korea
  11. Become an Uber driver
  12. Deliver groceries as a part time job
  13. Become a freelance writer
  14. Convince your boss to give you raise
  15. Own a food franchise
  16. Explore a subject or career through a study abroad trip
  17. Interview professionals in your desired line of work under the guise of an online blog to learn more about the job
  18. Ask for a pay raise
  19. Become a flight attendant
  20. Be time magazines person of the year
  21. Be my own boss
  22. Become a doctor
  23. Become a bartender
  24. Work as a manager
  25. Work at a music festival
  26. Quit a job I hate
  27. Have your boss tell you that you are the best at something

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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