Places to go in Europe Bucket List

  1. The Charles Bridge Paraguay, Czech.
  2. The Var Provence France 
  3.  Gaudí’s Barcelona, Spain see the beautiful architectural designs 
  4. Admire the Michelangelo’s masterpiece The Sistine Chapel, Italy.
  5. Visit the Acropolis Athens in Greece.
  6. Visit the adventurous Pumujjake in Turkey. 
  7. The Aya Sofya Museum at Istanbul Turkey.
  8. Admire and climb up the Matterhorn of Switzerland
  9. Admire the amazing Chateau de Chenonceau at Loire Valley in France.
  10. The spectacular Atlantic road in Norway.
  11. Northern lights at the Scandinavia or Iceland.
  12. The spectacular ancient Sainte Chappelle.
  13. Visit the Red Square in Moscow Russia.
  14. Admire the leaning bell tower of Pisa in Italy.
  15. The historic Brandenburg gate of Berlin.
  16. The artistic landscape and scenery of the Tuscany in Italy.
  17. Mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing skiing at the Lake Bled and its environ in Slovenia.
  18. The wonderful and scenic colosseum of Rome in Italy.
  19. The ancient Ephesus ruins in Turkey.
  20. The historic Alhambra Complex Palace
  21. Get lost in the beautiful city of Venice filled with Canals
  22. The ancient Pantheon construction in Rome, Italy.
  23. Admire the ancient complex of the architectural make of Mezquita de Cordoba.
  24. Admire the art collections at the Hermitage, St Petersberg.
  25. Witness the remains after the deadly eruption in Pompeii.
  26. Have some fun at the annual sporting event at Siena in Italy held in honor of the Virgin Mary.
  27. Visits the Sex Museum in Amsterdam.
  28. Sunrise watch over the Bunker in Barcelona.
  29. Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland.
  30. Sailing around the Greek Isles.
  31. Stand at the edge of the continent at the southeastern edge of Portugal.
  32. A chariot carriage around the ancient Krakow town.
  33. A dine at Rules, the oldest restaurant in London.
  34. Take part in the fun filled Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen.
  35. The historic Bolshoi Ballet Theatre in Moscow.
  36. Visit and climb the St. Peter’s Basilica church
  37. Thermal baths at the Budapest.
  38.  Interior decoration up the La Sagrada Familia.
  39. Andalusia in Spain for the Flamenco show.
  40. The Atomium in Brussels.

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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