Nature Bucket List

  1. Volunteer at a watershed
  2. Go apple picking in the northeast in the spring
  3. Harvest wild mint
  4. Harvest coffee beans
  5. Grow a fruit tree
  6. Watch vultures eat a carcass
  7. Build a treehouse
  8. Bathe in a natural stream
  9. Go berry picking in the spring
  10. Hike through Romanian forests
  11. Shower under a waterfall
  12. Rope swing into water
  13. Plant a tree
  14. Hike in Yosemite national park
  15. Go to a black sand beach
  16. Swim in the sea at night
  17. Shower in a waterfall
  18. Skinny dip in a natural hot spring
  19. Sleep in the Amazon rainforest
  20. Sleep on a beach
  21. Find a sand dollar
  22. Have a campfire on the Beach
  23. Visit the beach every day for a week
  24. Catch a snowflake on my tongue
  25. Sit in a lavender field
  26. Snorkel in the ocean

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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