Knowledge Bucket List

  1. Take ballet classes
  2. Join a hip-hop dance workout class
  3. Take a pole dancing class
  4. Learn the star constellations
  5. Get trained as a card dealer in Vegas
  6. Learn to lay block
  7. Go to stunt school
  8. Take a barista class
  9. Take a self-defense class
  10. Learn to desalinate seawater with limited resources
  11. Learn to knit
  12. Take Latin dancing classes
  13. Learn to change a tire
  14. Learn to change the oil on your vehicle
  15. Learn to tune up your vehicle
  16. Study basic history of classical music
  17. Become familiar with local flora and fauna
  18. Learn the Greek alphabet
  19. Take a class in culinary fundamentals
  20. Learn to sew a hem
  21. Learn to sew buttons onto a shirt/pants
  22. Learn how to skin, gut, & cook a fish
  23. Learn to belly dance

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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