Culture Bucket List

  1. Meet Aborigines tribespeople
  2. Attend a Renaissance Faire
  3. Read to children at a public library
  4. Make jewelry with a Native American tribe
  5. Watch a performance in the Sydney Opera House
  6. Sing karaoke in a south Asian bar
  7. Watch all of Kevin Smith’s movies
  8. Attend a gay pride parade
  9. Attend an LGBT rights protest
  10. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
  11. Use a squat toilet in Asia
  12. Use an outhouse in Appalachia
  13. Watch all of Wes Anderson’s movies
  14. Watch all of Spike Lee’s movies
  15. Attend a local city hall meeting
  16. Join the Anishinaabeg in their yearly Nibi Water Walk
  17. See live jazz & rock bands in New Orleans
  18. Become pen pals with a prison inmate
  19. Learn the basic history of your home state/province/region
  20. Visit a church/mosque/temple/etc. of an unfamiliar religion at least 3 times
  21. Demand other sex education options in local high schools besides abstinence-only programs
  22. Get to know your city councilpersons personally
  23. Participate in community theatre for a season
  24. Help found a commun

What do you think of this bucket list? What caught your eye? What’s missing?

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