G. Scott Graham is an author, a career coach, and a business coach in Boston, Massachusetts.

Scott is driven to help clients follow their “true azimuth,” which is different from “true north.” It means coaching clients to identify the true focus of their life — something that speaks individually to them. It means recognizing the forces that push our lives off course and adjusting to them so you get where you want to go. It means that when you are 90 years old and you look back on your life you have a sense of pride, accomplishment, and meaning — with no regrets.

When he is not coaching people to be their best, he does Tough Mudders, hikes, works on a farm, practices Vipassana meditation, or volunteers as an EMT or firefighter.

Scott tells people, “I live my bucket list every day. My life is great and there is nothing I would change.” When his spouse turned fifty years old, Scott suggested they take a look at their goals separately and then talk about the vision for their next fifty years together.

“I was disappointed with the resources out there which all seemed to point to create this ginormous to-do list. The reality is that things change and you might not be able to do every single item on your bucket list. My solution was to keep it short and values focused. This was not only insightful for me personally but allowed my spouse and I space to negotiate: instead of getting stuck on specifics we could talk about our values and themes and decide from there what we wanted to focus on.”

This process was so successful, Scott decided to put it down in words and the result is this book.

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